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Job completed for Carmen C.

Completion date: April 16, 2022

Location: Farmington, NY

Why did the customer contact us?

When Carmen initially called her sump pump had stopped working, and in result her basement finished basement flooded with about 3 feet of water.

Solutions provided:

In response we immediately went out and put a temporary discharge pump in to drain the water down. Carmen reached out to her insurance company for coverage to only find out she didn't had flood insurance. At this point Great Lakes Waterproofing was able to obtain financing for her to cover the cost of a mitigation specialist dry out her personally belongings and to cover the installation of our 3/4 Hp stainless steal sump pump in additional to our pitboss + battery backup system with wifi monitoring as well as a internet battery backup. Carmen as well as Great Lakes Waterproofing will now get notifications in the event of any potentially issue such as power outages, pump failure, high water alarm alert, etc.

Team members on this project:

Corey Fleming, Sean Fleming,

Photos & Videos:

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