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Footing Drain in Rochester & Geneseo, NY

The footing drain is an external drainage system near the basement that redirects water to an outside sewer junction so that your basement is safe and foundation protected. However, when water can seep into your basement through many sources, for example, a leak can cause your basement to flood. To keep your basement dry and water clogging around it, you would need a footing drain installed outside your house.

Great Lakes Waterproofing offers a high-quality footing drain system in New York, Rochester, Geneseo, Batavia, and surrounding areas. Footing drains are custom-made to fit the size and construction of your basement. To improve the drain's performance, we will employ the best method and materials that are there. Contact us online or call us at 585-332-4941 to know more about us and to book our services!

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Installation of a Footing Drainage System

A footing drain, without a question, is an excellent method for channeling water away from the basement perimeter of your home. It will, however, need to be fixed if it becomes blocked or malfunctions. You may even need to build a new footing drain in some circumstances.

Here at Great Lakes Waterproofing, we have experts who understand the criticalities of such external drainage installation. A footing drain is installed to protect your basement and foundation, and that's why only a reputable company like ours should handle this. We are experienced and have extensive knowledge in installing a perfect footing drain.

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