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Crawl Space Ventilation Service in Rochester & Geneseo, NY

There have been debates on whether to seal the crawl space or not. Some are in favor of crawl space ventilation, while others are not. But if Crawl space ventilation is done in a manner where you can control the airflow, then it's beneficial for your crawl space. When you can control the air that passes through the ventilation, your house becomes more energy-efficient and healthy.

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crawl space ventilation

Should You Vent Your Crawl Space or Not?

A crawl space that is improperly built can severely affect the comfort of any house. A house with an enclosed crawl space can see many problems like moisture, rot, mold, etc. The most popular approach to dealing with moisture in crawlspaces has been to vent them, which has been supported by construction rules for the longest time.

You may have many questions regarding the issue of crawl space ventilation. Is crawlspace ventilation truly effective in drying and controlling moisture? Is there a better way to go about it? What about the energy costs of venting the space underneath a house's primary living area? Well, to know the answer to all these questions and more, contact the experts of Great Lakes Waterproofing. We will explain to you the basics of crawl space ventilation and if you require one!

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