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Mold Growth Causes in Crawlspace in The Houses of Rochester

Many houses experience mold issues, and houses with crawl spaces are more vulnerable to mold if the crawl space is wet. A damp crawl space is caused by a variety of problems leading to mold in your crawl space, which will pollute the air and infiltrate your home. Up to 50% of the indoor's air might come from the crawl space because of the "Stack Effect."

Mold and mildew are dangerous to human health and can cause respiratory health issues like coughing, allergic reactions, wheezing, skin irritation, or lung disease. If you have noticed people in your house experience headaches, sinus issues, or feeling achy, you may have crawl space mold.

If you want to avoid these problems, then you can contact the experienced technicians of Great Lakes Waterproofing. Our team of proven professionals has set the industry standard for crawl space needs for the last two decades in Rochester & Geneseo, NY. To know more, give us a call at 585-332-4941.


The Main Causes of Mold in Crawlspace

There are 3 main causes of mold in a crawlspace. They are:

  • Moisture from outdoor humidity
  • Standing water in the crawlspace
  • Moisture from the foundation walls or damp soil into the crawl space's air

To prevent mold growth, you have to eradicate the sources of moisture. Reports have revealed that 95% of molds can't flourish in a dry climate. For this reason, our team of experts will reduce your crawl space humidity to 60% or less. Without moisture, mold can't continue to thrive and release damaging irritants.

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