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Casement Windows in Rochester & Geneseo, NY

Casement windows are popular among homeowners because of their low cost and beautiful style. In addition to this, it has another fantastic quality, and that is its ability to let in a lot of light because the sash can be extended fully outwards. Besides, casement windows are easy to handle and can make your house look beautiful, and that's why it is recently grabbing attention everywhere.

When you need casement window installation in New York, Rochester, Geneseo, Batavia, and our other service areas, you can blindly depend on the experts of Great Lakes Waterproofing. Call us at 585-332-4941 or online to book our services and for free estimates!

Benefits of Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the safest window options available on the market. Besides being durable and style, it has many qualities that draw buyers toward this window choice. Following are some of the benefits that casement windows provide-

  • Good Airflow- It's only natural that you will have plenty of air pass through your windows when you can fully open them. Casement windows pose this feature as they can be opened all the way, unlike double-hung windows. This means you will have good air circulation throughout the house, making it more comfortable. Many people choose casement windows in their kitchens and bathrooms because they allow them to rapidly bring in fresh air.
  • Adds Beauty- Homeowners frequently desire homes that are both unique and conventional in appearance. Casement windows may add a touch of elegance and beauty to any home's design.
  • Provides Security- Casement windows are completely sealed on all sides, making it exceedingly difficult to break in. Even if thieves or burglars manage to smash the glasses, turning the crank won't be easy. That's why casement windows are thought to be highly safe for a house.
  • Saves Money on Energy Bills- Consider casement windows if you want to save money on your utility expenses. They'll help you save money year after year without having you give up your desire for a fully open window.
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