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Bowing Wall Repair in Rochester & Geneseo, NY

If your home or office building has bowing foundation walls in the basement, it means part of the wall has weakened and is being pushed hard by expansive soils and hydrostatic pressure. Because the foundation is the backbone of your building, the stability of your structure is compromised when walls begin bowing. The situation must be addressed ASAP.

Fortunately, the foundation experts at Great Lakes Waterproofing have extensive experience when it comes to repairing bowing walls for customers in RochesterGeneseoCaledonia, and other cities within our service area. As a fully insured and certified company, our foundation specialists have been dealing with bowing walls and similar foundation-repair issues for more than 20 years.

They have both the skill and experience in dealing with bowing foundation walls. Call us at 585-332-4941 for more information or click here to make an appointment today.

Why is Your Foundation Wall Bowing?

Whether caused by heavy rain, a poor drainage system, or the type of soil around your foundation, clay-based soil absorbs water. It expands and pushes against your foundation. This is referred to as hydrostatic pressure. When the force surpasses the strength of the wall, the wall develops cracks or breaks.

After the soil dries, it pulls away from your foundation walls, creating weak areas. Next time when the surrounding soil of your foundation gets wet, this causes additional weakening and inward movement of the wall. Hence the walls start to bow. Expansion due to frost, large tree roots can also be the reason behind the pressure on the foundation walls.

Foundation Wall Bowing
Repair Bowing Foundation Walls with Great Lakes Waterproofing

Repair Bowing Foundation Walls with Great Lakes Waterproofing

When your foundation has bowed walls, rely on the experts at Great Lakes Waterproofing to repair them. Our foundation specialists can correct all types of foundation-related problems. The crews from Great Lakes are filled with certified experts who have the equipment, experience, and expertise to keep your foundation stable and retain the structural integrity of your home or business property. For more than two decades, we have served customers in Rochester, Geneseo, and other cities in Upstate New York.

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For the past two decades, the certified craftsmen from Great Lakes Waterproofing, have specialized in basement waterproofing services for customers in RochesterGeneseoCaledonia, and other cities within our service area. That includes making superior repairs for bowing walls. Simply give us a call at 585-332-4941 to learn more or click here to make an appointment today.