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Foundation Upheaval in Slabs in Rochester & Geneseo, NY

Foundation Upheaval

Foundation upheaval can occur in foundations or concrete slabs. This heave or upward movement is caused by underlying soils swelling or expanding from excessive moisture. Plumbing leaks are often the cause of foundation upheaval in slabs. More often, foundation or slab segments are pushed higher than other areas. The resulting damage requires professional foundation or concrete slab repair, and Great Lakes Waterproofing, Inc., is your superior solution for foundation upheaval in slabs.

We provide superior foundation repair services throughout Rochester, Geneseo, Caledonia, Fairport, Victor, and throughout our Rochester, NY, service area. Great Lakes Waterproofing experts can assess any moisture-control issues that affect or damage your foundation or slab. Call us at 585-332-4941 or contact us online to learn more about financing options, free estimates, and to arrange a consultation.

Great Lakes Has Foundation & Slab Upheaval Solutions in Rochester, NY

Foundation Upheaval

Foundation or slab upheaval is widespread in the Rochester, NY, area. As a homeowner, it is important to understand the potential causes and possible solutions. Foundation upheaval in slabs begins with some basic water-related issues:

Excessive Moisture

Upheaval occurs due to too much moisture under a slab or foundation. Excess rain or water causes clay soil to expand and increase in volume. A foot or more of rain can force its way under your foundation or slab and displace considerable amounts of clay or soil. This displacement results in pressure that results in foundation upheaval in slabs. Structural and other damage can result in the upward force or shifting.

Slab Plumbing Leaks

Concrete slabs are constructed with imbedded or underneath plumbing. Frozen pipes or lines that expand and leak, break or burst can increase water volume and pressure underneath your slab. This moisture damage, or hydrostatic pressure, can result in foundation upheaval in slabs. Once your plumbing issue is detected and solved with hydrostatic testing, Great Lakes Waterproofing is your professional, superior solution for foundation upheaval in slabs.

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Trust Great Lakes For Foundation Slab Upheaval Solutions in Rochester, NY

Concrete slab cracked? Doors sticking? Walls peeling? Bricks and concrete breaking? If you live in Rochester or Geneseo, NY, and you're facing the affects of foundation upheaval in slabs, you need the certified, reliable professionals at Great Lake Waterproofing, Inc. Call 585-332-4941 or contact us online, and we can provide 24/7 emergency service. Ask us about our limited lifetime warranties, free estimates and financing options. Arrange a consultation to address and repair your foundation slab upheaval today.

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