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Sticking Door Repair in Rochester & Geneseo, NY

Foundation settlement and crawl space support settling, shifting, or deteriorating are common causes of sticking doors in the Rochester, NY, area. If doors won't close or open completely, or without excessive force either way, Great Lakes Waterproofing can determine if foundation issues are the cause. Angled cracks over doors, floors that aren't flat, or doorways that don't appear level or square usually indication a foundation problem.

For solutions, contact Great Lakes Waterproofing to get those doors back in working order. We offer free estimates to homeowners and businesses in Henrietta, Caledonia, AvonMount Morris, and throughout our NY service area. Call 585-332-4941 or contact us online to learn more about our sticking door repair, and to arrange a consultation.

Stuck Foundation Door

Why Foundation Cracks Cause Sticking Doors in Rochester, NY

Characteristics of different soils can cause foundations to settle inconsistently. Rugged soil conditions cause parts of foundations or slabs to crack or shift, while other areas remain in place. As shifting soil due to climate, weather or other conditions has various effects on foundations, the subflooring and other surfaces above them can bend and twist. Doors and floors can become asymmetrical, leading to sticking or unevenness.

Drywall attached to wooden frames is not flexible but prone to cracking, especially in corners of doors. When a home has a stone or brick exterior, its solid foundation will likely have cracks in the upper masonry surfaces due to this lack of flexibility.

Why Great Lakes For Sticking Doors in Geneseo, NY?

A more common foundation problem related to sticking doors is the weakening or destruction of crawl space support and settlements. When the crawl space support begins to move or deteriorate, a domino effect occurs, bending or cracking doors, and causing the floor to sag or fall. These foundation issues are usually related to the settlement, and Great Lakes Waterproofing will install either a crawl space jack or a foundation pier, depending on your home's specific situation.

Trust Great Lakes For Sticking Doors Due to Foundation Cracks in Rochester

Stuck Foundation Door Repair

Cracks that spread along sticking doors might signal larger problems with the settling of foundations. If ignored, your underlying foundation issue can worsen and result in more severe structural damage. At Great Lakes Waterproofing, we provide free estimates with the following services:

With advanced equipment and certified technicians, Great Lakes Waterproofing will provide superior sticking door repair, as well as any foundation service. We guarantee best results and customer satisfaction. Call 585-332-4941 or contact us online to learn more about our sticking door repair, and to arrange a consultation.