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Foundation & Crawl Space Repair in Alexander

The foundation and crawl space are the two most crucial components in a home. Because a foundation is the base on which your entire house is built, any tampering with it might cause the structure to collapse. That is why maintaining a home's structural integrity is so important. On the other hand, a crawl space is where we breathe the air from. As a result, the air quality of a complete house is determined by the crawl space, which is why it should be maintained dry and clean at all times.

If you live in Alexander and have problems with your foundation or crawl space, don't hesitate to contact the experts at Great Lakes Waterproofing. We have skilled foundation and crawl space repair technicians that can complete the work quickly and efficiently while staying within your budget. 585-332-4941 is the number to call in Alexander. If you prefer, you may also contact us online.

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What Happens To A House with Bad Crawl Space?

Following are a few problems you might have to face due to a lousy crawl space:

  • Sagging floors- A damp, wet crawl space can cause floors to sag and become uneven, ultimately affecting the foundation.
  • Disconnected walls- If you see gaps between the walls, your crawl space is damp and causing the walls to move.
  • Uneven windows & doors- Besides disconnected walls and sagging floors, a wet crawl space can also cause uneven doors and windows which do not shut properly.
  • Poor air quality- The most crucial thing you may encounter due to a damp and unhealthy crawl space is a house with poor airflow, which is highly hazardous to health.
  • Cracks in Drywalls- An insufficient crawl space can cause cracks in the drywall.

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Why Choose Great Lakes Waterproofing in Alexander?

Customers in Alexander may rely on us for foundation and crawl space repairs, among other things. Following are the reasons to choose us: 

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