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Crawl Space Repair and Waterproofing Services in Fort Bliss

Changing seasons usually affect the moisture and thus soils in Fort Bliss. As a result, crawl space in your residence can be damp and moldy, which causes a variety of health hazards. A wet, damp, and moldy crawl space also causes potential structural damages.

If you are experiencing moldy or musty odors in your house, sinking floors above your crawl space, or are worried about crawl space flooding, our expert team can assist you to resolve these issues properly. Simply call us anytime at 585-332-4941 for a free estimate.

Why is Crawl Space Repair Necessary?

It's critical to keep the amount of moisture in your crawl space under control. Failing to do so might bring the result of a slew of problems down the road. Some of these issues will end up costing a lot of money. The following are some of the reasons why crawl space repair is so important.

  • It enhances air quality
  • It does Insect repellent
  • It reduces mold growth
  • It assists in the reduction of electrical costs
  • It aids in the prevention of costly floor damage

Why Choose Our Crawl Space & Other Repair Services in Fort Bliss?

We are a fully insured and licensed company. Our qualified professionals have the knowledge and years of experience to keep your crawl space dry and healthy. We offer a free, no-obligation estimate and are available 24/7.

For the past two decades, Fort Bliss has set the industry standard for crawl space repair services. We also provide other services, such as Basement waterproofing, Egress Windows, Foundation repair, etc.

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You can count on Great Lakes Waterproofing to solve your issues regarding crawl space, which includes crawl space vapor barrier, crawl space dehumidification, crawl space repair and more. So, please contact us today at 585-332-4941 for more details and get a free estimate.